Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams
RT @la_iguanatv: ¿Se fue molesto? Robbie Williams lanzó este gesto tras inauguración del Mundial Rusia 2018 | La iguana TV…
imagine being so legendary that FIFA drags your ass to Russia to pretend you'll kick the ball then high-five a masc…
A única coisa que achei paia foi isso esse vacilo que ele deu!
RT @kevinbridges86: Robbie Williams getting everyone right in the mood for World Cup ‘98 there..
RT @alecsvilla: RT Cesare Pompilio FAV Robbie Williams
RT @sportingindex: Robbie Williams singing 'Angels' at the #WorldCup opening ceremony is good, but it isn't Barry from Eastenders singing '…
RT @JJTrellezV: Para los que querían reggaeton en la inauguración del Mundial. ¡Robbie Williams!
Robbie Williams a envoyé un doigt d'honneur à des millions de téléspectateurs
RT @AndrewLR15: Okay, look, are people really offended by Robbie Williams throwing up the middle finger?They clearly don't know Robbie Will…
⚽️ Coupe du monde 2018 : la séance de rattrapage du premier jour de ... #CM2018
RT @fmboudet: A propos de Robbie Williams, ne jamais oublier que Sergio Ramos l'avait confondu avec Robin Williams et avait tweeté "J'adora…
RT @HarryCFC_: Robbie Williams.... any reason for this?
RT @paddypower: Robbie Williams. #WorldCup
RT @kieranlemon: Love Robbie Williams
Russians enjoy dream World Cup opening despite Robbie Williams’ finger